Quantum Logic Corporation Business Continuity Planning: Disaster Recovery

Planning for the Worst Can Lead to the Best Outcome

No one likes to dwell on the possibility of a disaster.  However, the truth is that crises and interruptions happen daily to businesses all across the globe.  From the minor irritation of power outages that last several hours to the devastation of natural disasters that destroy buildings and everything in them, chances are some sort of crisis will befall your organization within its lifetime. 

How Will You Recover When Disaster Strikes?

A disaster recovery plan is an extension of your business continuity plan, which outlines strategies for restoring and maintaining stability of operations after an interruption.  Your disaster recovery plan, however, will contain specific procedures for recovering from losses of data and IT-related equipment, among other aspects.

Historical statistics show that businesses that suffer a significant loss and do not have a disaster recovery plan generally fail within the following two years.

Quantum Logic can define potential threats to your IT systems, access current inventory, and outline network infrastructure and recovery strategies. This plan can be the saving grace for your organization in the midst of dire circumstances.

What If Your IT Room Were Flooded Today?

What if you arrived at work this morning only to find water pipes in the ceiling had burst overnight and caused extensive flooding of the IT room?  Every piece of equipment on every rack in the room had been sprayed for hours.  The servers, hubs, computers, monitors and routers were all dead in the water.  Would you know what to do? 

What process should be started for disaster recovery?  How quickly can data recovery begin and who will provide that service?  What vendors are available to help with equipment rental or replacement?  Do they keep enough of what you need in stock?  How will you maintain security in this type of compromising situation?  How quickly can you be operational again?

All these issues and others are covered when Quantum Logic prepares a disaster recovery plan for your organization.  Included in your plan are:

  • Risk Analysis - Defining the likelihood of the occurrence of various types of disasters or interruptions, so you can be prepared.
  • Network Mapping - Creating and maintaining a detailed schematic of every piece of network equipment, each network cable and connection, and every jack those connections terminate into, so recreating the network happens quickly.
  • Backup Systems - Devising the most effective and affordable system for consistently backing up data to ensure little to no information is lost during a crisis.
  • Security - Installing and customizing needed applications and equipment to maintain security even when other aspects of the network infrastructure have been compromised.
  • Vendor Identification & Approval - Identifying and creating relationships with vendors who can quickly supply the equipment you need and who agree to stock or obtain such equipment within certain time parameters.
  • Service Level Agreements - Coordinating with other service providers to guarantee multiple tiers of disaster recovery service are available to you 24/7/365.

Overcome interruption or crisis

By partnering with Quantum Logic to create a sound disaster recovery plan, you can be fully equipped to act quickly and overcome any predictable interruption or crisis that comes your way.  Nothing can replace the peace of mind of knowing you're prepared.

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