Quantum Logic Corporation Business Continuity Planning: Overview

Take Steps Now To Ensure Stability and Longevity With Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning

When it comes to proactive business practices, there is a big difference in "insuring" your company and "ensuring" your company.  Just as important as insuring your organization against losses of various kinds is ensuring your organization is able to remain stable and recover from any interruptions or disasters.

While a variety of types of insurance are available, they all have one common flaw. They only protect against loss.  If your business has suffered flooding due to burst pipes, insurance may well pay for the damages, but who will get you operational again?  And when?  What will you do in the meantime, until repairs to the building are completed?  Should you rent or buy new equipment?  How will communications with customers and employees continue? 

Quantum Logic helps you find solutions to these and many other specific challenges well in advance, so you know precisely what to do, when to do it and how much it will likely cost.

Get Your "Ensurance" Policy from Quantum Logic

There are three elements included in an "ensurance" policy: prevention, business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning.


Analyzing risks and implementing preventative measures can be a tremendous aid in avoiding unnecessary downtime.  With a simple assessment of your operations, Quantum Logic can help you identify weaknesses and thwart them before they lead to frustrations or crises that cost significant amounts of time and money.

Business Continuity Planning

A business continuity plan from Quantum Logic is geared toward creating a working plan of action within your budget for maintaining business stability during and/or after a crisis.  Having explicit instructions for how to minimize downtime and regain operations quickly can be a tremendous factor in your business's survival. 

Disaster Recovery Planning

From detailing the quickest escape routes from your building to plotting a strategy for data recovery and restoration, the speed and accuracy used during a disaster are paramount for continued survival.  Having predefined parameters about who to call, what to do and when to do it after a disaster strikes can mean the difference in recovery and catastrophe. 

Quantum Logic has the experience and tools to create an "ensurance" plan for your organization that will dramatically decrease risk and increase the likelihood of continued prosperity. 

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