Quantum Logic Corporation Business Continuity Planning: Planning

Any Business That Wants To Stay in Business Needs a Business Continuity Plan

You have fire insurance, flood insurance, property insurance, key personnel insurance and even business interruption insurance. What more could you possibly need?  A business continuity plan.

Do You Have a Plan? What Will You Do If…

  • key people or multiple people were lost, leaving you understaffed?
  • equipment or utilities failed long-term?
  • a natural disaster struck, destroying information and physical assets?
  • malicious software or spyware destroyed your data?
  • you experienced application failure or database corruption?
  • someone hacked your firewall, crashing your system and stealing classified data?

These are just a few of the common disasters that require forethought to successfully recover from.  A carefully designed business continuity plan (BCP) gives you the confidence and foresight to move step by step from chaos to stability.

Solutions for Any Size Business With Any Size Budget

What's involved in implementing a BCP?  That depends on your needs and your budget. Small businesses might only need one backup computer that duplicates all your data and is ready to go at a moment's notice. Medium-sized businesses might prefer processes that send all data to another, secure site.  Large corporations may decide on identifying locations that can be outfitted and functional within 24 hours of a disaster or failure.

Assess the Risk, Develop a Strategy, Maintain Operations

Business continuity planning is a company-wide responsibility.  Because any number of disasters or interruptions can affect multiple areas of your organization, the entire business has to be involved when crafting your BCP.

At Quantum Logic, we'll take the time to understand how the processes, applications and information flow through your business. We'll assess and quantify downtime risk and determine information interdependence between departments.  What's more, we'll devise a proactive, forward-thinking process designed to restore order under conditions of potentially devastating threats and disasters that might otherwise be terminal.

Regardless of the interruption, Quantum Logic has the tools and expertise to help you maintain control, return functionality and remain operational.  Contact us today for complete details on the many aspects of business continuity planning and how it can save your business.

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