Quantum Logic Corporation Business Continuity Planning: Prevention

Preventative Measures To Help Your Business Avoid Unnecessary Downtime

Nothing is more disheartening than to experience a business crisis that was completely avoidable.  Yet, so many organizations today continue to leave themselves open to risk unnecessarily.  With the implementation of affordable, automated prevention strategies from Quantum Logic, you can avoid unnecessary downtime and interruptions.

Prior Planning and Consistency Are Key

When creating your business continuity plan or disaster recovery plan, a risk analysis is always performed.  That risk analysis highlights dangers to which your business could fall victim.  It also acts as a list of obstacles that may require preventative attention.

When you think ahead, you empower your organization to inhibit circumstances that might otherwise leave you vulnerable.  One such instance was a small company who did not realize there was a dangerous security breach in their server.  They employed the latest security software and had a high level of confidence in the product; however, it wasn't configured correctly. Within weeks, the company's server was hacked and much of their data (including customer credit card numbers) was stolen. 

Your business may simply lack power-surge protectors and backup power supplies to guard your equipment against lightening strikes and utility outages. Or, like the organization in the example, you may require extensive firewall security for your ecommerce servers to give advanced protection for your customers' private information. Whatever the scenario, taking preventative measures now can keep you from experiencing downtime or interruptions that can be detrimental to your company.

Prevent Potential Disasters Including…

  • sabotage
  • spyware
  • loss of data
  • power outages
  • lightening strikes
  • inclement weather
  • and others

From blocking Internet hackers to ensuring automated backups are performed regularly, Quantum Logic works with you to identify threats and take preventative measures to stop interruptions before they happen.

Contact Quantum Logic today for complete details on how preventative planning can save you significant amounts of time, money and frustration.

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