Quantum Logic Corporation Document Imaging: Conversion and Indexing

Convert Documents From Any Format To Practically Any Other Format With Ease

Once your data has been captured by the document imaging system, simple yet amazing conversions begin to take place.  Within seconds you can easily transform documents from virtually any format to virtually any other format.

For example, after data has been captured by the system:

Human Resources - through the use of modules customized by Quantum Logic specifically for your company - can scan applications automatically.  Then each field of the employment application is read and entered into your database.  Optical character recognition (OCR) technology allows you the option of editing fields, adding comments, inserting additional data or taking any number of other actions. 

Accounting can convert that data into the particular file type of the accounting system they use.  Paper invoices can be converted into Quickbooks.  Excel files can be converted into Quicken files.  The combination of OCR and customizable modules means each field of the invoice is entered into your system individually giving you full functionality.

Sales can convert Web-based or paper lead generation forms to the system quickly and easily.  Then - through customized modules installed by Quantum Logic - each field of the form is read and entered into your CRM system for easy electronic access.  Organize, store, sort or otherwise use the information in the way that's most productive for you.

Plus, once saved, documents can be assigned keywords.  This allows you to search for and organize files in the most logical sequence for you and your team.

The professionals at Quantum Logic can show you how to customize your document imaging system to process even the most sophisticated documents, forms, claims, invoices and more.  Even industry specific software is available to further customize your system.

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