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Document Imaging Improves Security and Efficiency of Compliance, Admissions, Records Keeping, Accounting and More

With the intense demand on medical facilities of every kind to comply with HIPPA regulations, an increase fiscal and time costs have skyrocketed.  Because compliance procedures affect every other area of your medical practice or agency, finding a solution that improves security while boosting efficiency is paramount. Document imaging and management systems offer the needed relief you've been seeking.

Innovative document imaging and management solutions from Quantum Logic open doors to a world of flexible, automated ways to:

  • capture data (on paper or electronically)
  • convert it into virtually any format you want then
  • store, search and retrieve information from those documents instantly.

Because the document imaging and document management systems are customized for medical/dental applications, there is seamless integration with your current systems.

Capture Information In Virtually Any Format

Patient ID & insurance cards, doctors' notes, lab results, scans or x-rays, transcriptions, EOBs, patient statements, signed compliance statements or any other type of documentation can be captured by the document imaging system. 

Through the use of an ordinary scanner, digital copier, fax server or email you can take a file in practically any format and save it to the document imaging system.  Files are processed at high resolution for maximum accuracy then scanned for identifying information, indexed and archived for easy retrieval.

The professionals at Quantum Logic will customize the document imaging and management system specifically for your hospital, clinic, private practice, dental office, government agency, coding or billing firm and more.  You'll quickly be able to capture the most sophisticated documents, forms, claims, invoices, etc. for storage and use within the system.

Convert, Organize, Protect & Store

A document in virtually any format (electronic or paper) can be instantly converted to virtually any other format.  Once scanned into the system, files are fully functional and editable.  The expense of time, money and human error are dramatically reduced once replaced with automated, high resolution scanning.  For example:

  • Scan patient ID and insurance cards to a private patient folder speeding admissions.
  • Electronically retrieve and fax doctors' notes in seconds.
  • Convert audio or video transcripts, x-rays or scans into the system for convenient storage.
  • Convert completed paper forms into electronic forms that take less space to organize and store.

In seconds, and with just a few mouse clicks, you can enter significantly more accurate data than could ever be achieved manually.

Once in the imaging system, documents can be assigned keywords then saved.  This allows you to organized files in the most logical sequence for you and your team.

In addition, complex security measures can prevent unauthorized access to documents located within the system and keep you compliant with HIPPA regulations.

Search For and Retrieve

Need to retrieve a statement for a patient? Tired of sorting though stacks of EOBs?   Want a way for doctors to quickly locate, retrieve and view patient notes and scans?  Instantly search for and retrieve documents using the built-in search engine, which delivers results in just seconds.

Quickly share the data with others who are authorized to view it by using print, fax, email or online capabilities.

Contact us today about document imaging and management systems that can:

  • save you time and money with compliance measures
  • eliminate costly document storage space problems
  • exponentially increase accuracy over traditional data entry methods
  • logically organize file storage processes
  • protect sensitive data
  • speed searches for information
  • improve information sharing capabilities
  • and more!
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