Quantum Logic Corporation Document Imaging: Scanning

Automate Processes, End Manual Data Entry & Increase Productivity 100 Fold With Document Imaging Systems

Scanning isn't what it used to be!  Not so long ago scans and other forms of document imaging produced a single file in graphic format.  You could view the file electronically, but that was it.  This technology has developed and expanded to new levels that now allow you to quickly and easily capture data from virtually any format (paper or electronic) and store it in the document imaging system.

What's more - the data is captured automatically via scanners, digital copiers, fax servers, email or other ordinary means.  Then files are processed through the amazing technology of optical character recognition (OCR).  Each letter, number and symbol is separated and identified so it can be converted into the file format of your choosing.  

The result?  You can fully manipulate the contents of the scanned document.  Change, edit or alter the data any way you choose.  What's more, this data is now ready to be converted to practically any other file format you require.  This means you:

  • save time and money by eliminating manual data entry.
  • dramatically improve accuracy.
  • increase productivity 100 fold.
  • streamline processes.
  • provide instantaneous access to scanned data.

For example:

Human Resources can capture applications and transfer data into the system by scanning paper documents.  There is no longer a need for applications to be entered manually. Also, storing bulky paper documents becomes a thing of the past.

Accounting can capture data from paper or electronic invoices then convert that data into the particular file type of the accounting system they use. 

Sales can make a more efficient use of automated form processing through the document imaging system.  Web-based or paper lead generation forms can be captured quickly and easily. 

The professionals at Quantum Logic can show you how to customize your document imaging system to process even the most sophisticated documents, forms, claims, invoices and more.  Even industry specific software is available to further customize your system.

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