Quantum Logic Corporation Document Imaging

Capture, Convert and Organize Documents Within Practically Any Software Program Automatically

Scanning documents into a computer is nothing new.  Innovative document imaging and management solutions from Quantum Logic however, open doors to a whole new world. We can show you flexible, automated ways to:

  • capture data (on paper or electronically)
  • convert it into virtually any format you want then
  • store, search and retrieve information from those documents instantly.

How does it work?  Document imaging software is the epitome of simplicity.

Capture Information In Virtually Any Format

Capturing information - whether on paper or in electronic format - is fast, accurate and easy.   Through the use of an ordinary scanner, digital copier, fax server or email you can take a file in practically any format and save it to the document imaging system. 

Files are processed at high resolution for maximum accuracy.  Then, through optical character recognition (OCR), each letter, number and symbol is separated and identified so it can be converted into the file format of your choosing.  

The professionals at Quantum Logic can show you how to customize your document imaging system to process even the most sophisticated documents, forms, claims, invoices and more.  Even industry specific software is available to further customize your system.

Convert, Organize & Store

Accurately convert paper documents or files from practically any format to practically any format with ease.  Scanned files are fully functional and editable.  This eliminates manual data entry and its associated errors with automated, high resolution scanning.  The results are amazing.  For example:

  • Scan paper correspondence and save it as a Word file.
  • Take forms sent to your fax server or email and save them as Excel files.
  • Scan a paper invoice and save it as a Quickbooks or other financial software file.
  • Collect information from each, individual field of online or paper forms and covert that data into compatible files for your CRM, accounting or other software.

In seconds, and with just a few mouse clicks, you can enter significantly more data than could ever be achieved manually. And with dramatically improved accuracy.

Once in the imaging system, documents can be assigned keywords then saved.  This allows you to organized files in the most logical sequence for you and your team.

Search For and Retrieve

Need to retrieve a statement for a customer? Does purchasing need to review a work order?   Instantly search for and retrieve documents using the built-in search engine.  Save tons of time by eliminating manual searches for paper documents housed in dusty, cramped file cabinets.

Share the data with others just as quickly as you found it by using print, fax, email or online capabilities.

Contact us today about document imaging and management systems that can:

  • save you time and money
  • eliminate costly document storage space problems
  • exponentially increase accuracy over traditional data entry methods
  • logically organize file storage processes
  • speed searches for information
  • improve information sharing capabilities
  • and more!
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