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Award-Winning Email Archiving Solutions That Keep You Compliant, Secure and Prepared

When it comes to the vital task of email archiving, you want a solution that is easy to implement and offers a proven track record of success.  After all, email archiving affects practically every department in your organization from Human Resources to Healthcare.  For these reasons and others, Quantum Logic has opted to join forces with two prominent industry leaders in the area of email archiving: Waterford Technologies and GFi.

These two solutions give you a wide range of innovative features to choose from.  You can be assured of customized applications that work to keep you in regulatory compliance, secure from threats and prepared in case evidence of past events is needed.

MailMeter Archive by Waterford Solutions

Instantaneously run a variety of specific reports based on your criteria to find words (such as "sex") in emails, attachments or image files. Track email use (and abuse) company-wide, or based on department or even individual.  Create workbooks to house your research findings for future use.  Free your server from the tiresome task of saving every emails so it can run faster and smoother. 

Each email is date and time stamped so accusations of tampering can be eliminated.  What's more, MailMeter Archive encrypts all archived files so no one outside your system can read them.

We'll be glad to discuss the benefits of MailMeter Archive and help you determine if this is the best email archving solution for you.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

GFi MailArchiver

Awarded by MSExchange.org as the Reader's Choice for email archiving software, GFi MailArchiver delivers powerful features via a user-friendly administration panel.  Archive both internal and external emails, use MailArchiver's extensive search capabilities and locate the information or proof you need within seconds. 

MailArchiver automatically compresses attachments before archiving them. This means your servers function under a lesser load freeing them to give you the speed and functionality you need.  Plus, by storing email files in an SQL database instead of as PST files, MailArchiver reduces your storage requirements by up to 80%. 

We'll gladly review your current setup with you to determine if GFi MailArchiver is the right solution for you.  Contact us today to make arrangements.
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