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Email Archiving - Empowering You To Reduce Risks, Protect Assets, Increase Productivity and Stabilize Technology

While email is an exceptionally valuable tool, it can also be one of the most common weapons of abuse in the business world.  Productivity can suffer when employees spend too much time with personal email.  Your costs for bandwidth and storage can soar due to the abuses of email.  While these are expensive annoyances, they are only the unfortunate beginning of the abuse cycle.

In the not-so-distant past, corporations have been burned. Harassment ran rampant, industrial spying and sabotage were prevalent and insider trading was widespread. Email was a common source for communications in these and other cases. 

How do you ensure email in your organization is used for its intended purpose and not as a play toy of employees or a weapon of the unscrupulous?  Quantum Logic has the experience and resources to implement email archiving software for your business.  This simple step can deliver tremendous benefits that save time, money, court battles and resources plus enforce security.

Enforcing Your Acceptable Use Policy

Email archiving software can be installed and programmed by Quantum Logic to provide you with the tools that ensure employees are using email according to your policy.  Despite whether the employee deletes an email or not, the email archiving software will retain as much or as little activity as you deem necessary so you can see all correspondence that has been sent or received outside or inside your business. 

  • Reduce personal time spent on email.
  • Deter or prevent racial and sexual harassment.

Ease of Use

We are proud partners with two email archiving software developers of exceptional quality.  Both products allow for seamless integration with your existing server requiring little to no user intervention. Upon installation, there is no longer a need for manual backup techniques.  Searching and retrieving emails is easy with a centralized archive. Find emails by searching on any email field including: to, from, subject, body, dates and more.

  • Quickly find emails for legislation, employee reviews or other needs.
  • Automatically backup emails.
  • Archive emails in central storage for easy access.

Increased Performance

Some of the biggest expenses incurred with email abuse are those involved with technology. When employees save large amounts of email (including those with attachments), storage requirements increase, bandwidth escalates and resources can become unstable.  With email archiving software from Quantum Logic, you can easily:

  • Reduce email storage requirements.
  • Store emails outside MS Exchange, freeing up valuable bandwidth.
  • Alleviates the use of troublesome PST files.
  • Lessen the risk of mailbox corruption.


Who from your company is emailing confidential material?  Whom are they emailing it to?  These and other concerns can be easily addressed with email archiving software.  Find out what email abuse is taking place and stop it in its tracks with undeniable proof. 

  • Assign user email privileges to allow or restrict access of various types.
  • Analyze incoming and outgoing emails to see who sent them, who received them and what the contents were.
  • Prevent viruses, Trojans, worms or other damaging programs.
  • Deter racial and/or sexual harassment.
  • Run reports to aid with investigations.

Regulatory Compliance

Publicly held companies are required by law to comply in various ways with communication and security policies set forth in the Sarbanes-Oxley Act and other regulatory declarations enforced by the SEC and other regulatory agencies.  Email archiving goes a long way to ensure your company falls into regulatory compliance.

  • Comply with data protection laws.
  • Avoid fines or legal action.

Contact us today for details on how email archiving software from Quantum Logic can help your organization be more secure, more productive and less venerable.

Avoid Expensive Legal Battles When You Employ Email Archiving

Lucent Technologies, The New York Times, Microsoft, Dow Chemicals, Merrill Lynch, Rolls Royce, Compaq and countless other corporations have fallen victim to legal battles over email abuse. 

Will you be next?

You don’t have to be.  Protect your organization, your employees, your assets and your reputation when you employ email archiving software from Quantum Logic.

MailMeter Archive & GFiMail Archiver

We proudly represent these two products because, simply put, we feel they are the best.  Winners of industry awards for quality and customer preference, these email archiving software products are flexible, customizable, scalable and dependable.

Get the details about MailMeter Archive and GFiMail Archiver now.

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