Quantum Logic Corporation Form Processing

Process Forms Automatically With No Need for Manual Data Entry

One of the most time-consuming tasks in any office is data entry.  It can also be one of the most costly due to inaccurate transfers of information from paper to electronic formats.  But now, with the aid of specialized forms solutions for document imaging systems, you can automatically process forms with complete accuracy and substantial speed.

Customizable forms software can quickly obtain data from identical paper forms then capture the information from each field.  This information is then entered and stored in the document imaging system.  The information within each field can then be edited, deleted or added to. 

In addition, once the form's data is entered into the system, it can be organized, stored, searched for and shared.  You benefit from:

  • reduced expenses of time & money
  • increased accuracy
  • higher productivity levels
  • dramatically improved processing times
  • and more

If you process multiple documents containing the same types of information you can benefit from using forms software with a document imaging system.  This is the perfect solution for:

  • forms
  • questionnaires
  • bulletins
  • warranty cards
  • invoices
  • work orders
  • applications
  • and more

For example, simply scan documents into the system. Then:

  • salespeople can have immediate feedback from customer satisfaction questionnaires in order to tailor their sales approaches,
  • shipping can speed the processing time of order forms to increase their productivity levels,
  • warranty cards can be entered automatically saving countless dollars in payroll,
  • accounting can pay invoices in half the time by eliminating paper documents, and
  • so many other applications!

If you currently have a document imaging system or if you are considering the purchase and implementation of one, contact us today.  We'll gladly provide detailed information about customizable forms modules for your specific applications.

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