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Esquire Innovations
Affordable Metadata Protection Solutions for Small Work Environments

Quantum Logic appreciates the creativity, ease-of-use and stability of the Esquire line of products. That's why we chose to partner with this group and bring their innovative solutions to you.  From years of recommending, installing, maintaining and providing training for Esquire products for our clients, we can enthusiastically say these programs consistently exceed the expectations of small to medium-sized businesses.  We're sure you'll agree!

Since 1995, Esquire Innovations has provided affordable, reliable protection and performance software for small work environments.  From creating documents to editing and tracking changes to removing any potentially dangerous metadata to efficiently filing and storing files; Esquire has solutions for every step of the document creation and delivery process.

iCreate - Template and Macro Automation

iCreate facilitates the creation of documents by efficient and highly customizable templates and macros.  Through the use of iCreate, you can standardize document production according to your own policies, simplify paragraph numbering, organize templates within one dialog box, merge data fields from Outlook, Lotus Notes, GroupWise or InterAction to populate documents with customer information and more.

iRedline - Document Comparison Tool

A big step in eliminating the leak of potentially dangerous and/or embarrassing information is to accurately compare multiple documents in various stages of development.  iRedline fully integrates with Microsoft Word as well as Document Management Systems including Interwoven, Hummingbird and Worldox. You can specify your organization's standards for the look and creation of documents and iRedline will quickly outline changes, create summary reports, eliminate metadata, show the change history and more.

iScrub - Metadata Removal Utility

Eliminating metadata form Microsoft Word documents is imperative to maintaining acceptable levels of document security.  iScrub's advanced features take extra measure to ensure only the information you want disclosed is made available to others.  The document viewer captures and displays metadata allowing you to see the inherint risks.  Once all changes have been made, the document can be "sealed" allowing no further alterations to be made and ensuring complete security. Scrub multiple documents or an entire directory at once saving time and boosting productivity.  iScrub is also compatible with Outlook and - when in place - requires Outlook users to scrub all documents prior to attaching them to emails.

iDocID - Document Identifier

The best way to quickly organize and locate documents is to use a document identifier.  By simply automating the process of adding a custom footer containing the location information, both printed and electronic documents can be easily filed and accessed when needed.  iDocID is the perfect solution for this all-important organizational step.

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