Quantum Logic Corporation Workshare

Workshare - The Industry Leader In Document Security & Integrity Software

Over 750,000 users at 5,000 organizations in 60 countries trust Workshare to protect their valuable documents from the dangers of hidden metadata and other security risks.  Workshare's exceptional product lineup and history of reliability are the primary reasons Quantum Logic chose to become authorized partners with Workshare. 

Whether used individually or as a suite, Workshare's integrated, automated products work from within Microsoft Office applications provide the tools needed to protect sensitive information. Your work is fully protected from the moment a document is conceived until the final version has been publicly released.

Quantum Logic intimately understands the best uses and environments for Workshare produtcts.  We are here to help you review the features and benefits of each product and decide which is the best fit for your situation.  Then we provide installation and training so your organization can get the most flexibility, customization and protection from the Workshare products you employ.

Workshare Professional

The easy, automated way to authenticate events in the life of any document your organization creates.  Know who produced or made changes to documents and who emailed documents to whom. Generate reports with document history and hidden data risks. Create secure PDF files with one click.  Even input organizational-specific policies into the security controls of Workshare Professional for a highly stable and reliable document security system.

Workshare Professional can be fully integrated with Microsoft Office and is also available in editions for Outlook, Notes and GroupWise.  Also choose from options for Document Management Systems (DMS) and SharePoint.

Workshare DeltaView

Designed in versions for small practices and medium to large corporations, DeltaView makes it simple to compare two or more documents and incorporate changes. By identifying every change made to your original document, Workshare DeltaView gives you the automated tools you need to compare and verify content. Additionally, Change Summary reports give you a complete snapshot of the life of your document. No more tedious, manual change reviews!

Workshare Protect

Stop the leak of hidden metadata in its tracks with Workshare Protect. Fully integrated with Microsoft Office, Workshare Protect eliminates hidden and potentially embarrassing information from your documents before it becomes public knowledge. This can save your organization from present and future assaults on your financial assets and public image.

Microsoft Certified Partner