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Tailored Customization Makes Microsoft CRM Your MVP

Customization designed to enhance your particular workflow is what empowers employees to achieve maximum efficiency.  No department operates as an island.  A single customer contact can ripple through every department leaving in its wake either cohesive communication or chaos.  That's why a customer relationship management (CRM) system capable of high levels of customization is vital.  Through programming provided by Quantum Logic, Microsoft Dynamics CRM can make each point of contact with your company personalized, professional and productive.

Using the example of a network design firm, you'll see how Microsoft CRM aids in every step of the customer contact lifecycle.


Elliott Communications scans business cards into Microsoft CRM using an integrated document imaging system.  Microsoft CRM is customized to recognize which information from the business card should be entered into which fields of Elliott Communications' database.  An automated "next step" process creates a mail merge with Microsoft Word, drafts personalized follow-up letters and automatically emails them to each lead.  The letters request that the lead either phone the office or visit the company website for additional information.

Henry Johnson receives his follow-up letter and surfs over to Elliott Communications' site.  While there, he completes the contact form to receive additional information. As the email is received at Elliott Communications, Microsoft CRM's programmed customized process kicks in.  The data from the website contact form is matched to the existing data from Henry's business card. 

A lead processing action takes over and assigns Henry to the sales professional designated to work Henry's geographic area.  The Henry's email is then forwarded to the salesperson via Microsoft Outlook, which is integrated with Microsoft CRM.

The Marketing Director can, at any time, generate customized reports that track the effectiveness of each campaign.


When the sales representative, Rebecca Chaney, checks her email, she sees the information. Checking the Microsoft CRM system using a personalized page view, Rebecca immediately has Henry's entire history to date at her fingertips. She knows which tradeshow Henry attended and when.  Rebecca also knows what information Henry needs, the best time to call and how he hopes Elliott Communications can provide.

Rebecca phones Henry to discuss his company's need for a local area network. While on the phone, she is able to pull up her schedule and make an appointment to visit Henry for an on-site walk through. 

When Rebecca emails a confirmation of the appointment to Henry, a business logic protocol is activated.  Instantly, a link to the Elliott's online knowledge base is send.  In addition, the same protocol emails Fulfillment a notice to ship a new customer package to Henry's address. 


Rebecca's appointment with Henry goes well and she is awarded the project.  While working from home, Rebecca remotely accesses the Microsoft CRM system to add notes to Henry's file. She also begins to create a work folder to Henry, which can be accessed by others in the workflow chain.  The new folder contains customer notes, customer history, a copy of the bid and a summary of the project.


Creating this new customer folder activates another business logic protocol that sends Rebecca to the dispatch module of Microsoft CRM.  Customized processes are triggered when Rebecca generates a new work order number for Henry's project.  A list of needed materials is printed and also emailed to purchasing.  The total number of man-hours is calculated and the first available start date is reserved and assigned.  Henry is then automatically emailed with the scheduling information.

Customer Service

When Henry calls to confirm the start date and time, his entire history is presented to the customer service agent via a customized screen.  As Henry asks questions, the customer service representative can provide him with answers quickly.  In addition, the agent can notify other departments of Henry's recent call and any questions or concerns he may have had.

The beauty of Microsoft CRM is that you decide what works best for your company and your customers. Then Quantum Logic customizes the system to accommodate your specific needs.
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