Quantum Logic Corporation Microsoft CRM: Integration
Microsoft CRM

Microsoft CRM Delivers Impressive Functionality and Full Integration With
Microsoft and Third-Party Applications

One of the many features that gives Microsoft CRM such impressive functionality is its ability to integrate with other business and financial systems regardless of platform or programming language.  In layman's terms, through customization conducted by Quantum Logic, Microsoft CRM can work in conjunction with any other business or financial software you currently have. 

Eliminate Rekeying of Data, Manual Sharing of Information & Duplication of Efforts

Microsoft CRM offers distinct benefits for every department of your business. But more importantly, it allows every sector to share information via an integrated system capable of supplying what each party needs.

  • A Vital Link Between Sales and Service - Customer information is updated automatically. Both sales and service can view client details that could affect the ways they interact with customers.
  • Full Functionality for Salespeople In-House or Virtually - Microsoft CRM offers full integration with the popular Microsoft products your sales team is familiar and comfortable with.  We can customize Microsoft CRM to flawlessly interact with Outlook, Word, Excel, Financial Management and other programs so your sales pros can stay productive whether in or out of the office.
  • A Bridge Between Customers and Fulfillment - Automatically send scheduling or shipping notifications and tracking information to keep customers up to date.
  • Complete Integration With Accounting Systems - Microsoft CRM can be customized to integrate with your current accounting system eliminating the need to rekey data.
For example, a customer calls into the service department to request a change in billing.  The service agent denotes that the customer prefers to receive electronic invoices and statements rather than paper.  Instantly, Microsoft CRM notifies the accounting department of the change. The customer's sales representative notices the new billing status as well and phones the contact to see if other types of electronic communication are preferred. One action automatically filters through the system so that the customer's need is met on several levels.

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Creating a More Cohesive Workflow Through Customizable Rules

Microsoft CRM functionality can be implemented into your other systems through the expertise and precision of Quantum Logic.

By taking time to understand your processes, we can create workflow rules that ensure necessary routines are followed and that automate mundane tasks.

In addition, we can create a flawless connection between your favorite Microsoft Office programs as well as practically any third-party system.

Quantum Logic and Microsoft CRM create a masterful solution designed to understand, document, streamline and uphold your business practices.

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