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Microsoft CRM Improves ROI With Marketing Plans & Materials Designed To  Reach Your Customers on a Personal Level

Even in the midst of the mass-marketing generation, personalization is key.  The more one-on-one your marketing materials appear the more desirable they will be to your customers.  This high level of personalization used to be complicated and expensive to achieve.  Not anymore.

Before Microsoft CRM is configured or installed, a Quantum Logic agent will take time to discuss the day-to-day operations of your marketing department.  During that time, we'll note ways to customize Microsoft CRM to improve your ROI in a variety of ways.  You'll be able to collect and analyze information about your target audience segments to better reach, communicate and convert prospects to customers.

Better Marketing Plans and Practices

With the logistical help of Quantum Logic and the power behind Microsoft CRM, your marketing team can quickly and easily:

  • Transform Leads Into Customers - Create customized email and direct mail pieces to make marketing materials more personal.  Through standard and customized templates for email, sales letters, follow-up correspondence and more, you can easily develop exceptionally effective marketing materials that quickly integrate with your favorite software such as Outlook and Microsoft Word.
  • Analyze Marketing Intelligence - Collect and evaluate raw data via customized forms and reports in order to develop more accurate marketing plans.  Identify trends and preferences so your message is always in the right place at the right time.
  • Automate Lead Management Tasks - Through customized processes that Quantum Logic creates and implements in Microsoft CRM, you gain the freedom to automate many lead management tasks.  Set criteria for assigning leads to salespeople; import data directly from your website to Microsoft CRM with no duplicated data entry required; scan business cards at tradeshows for easy follow-up; appropriate resources by territory, dollar amount or your own specific criteria and much more.
  • Learn from the Past and Forecast the Future - Through a variety of venues available in Microsoft CRM, you'll be able to analyze past events and campaigns thoroughly to track ROI and performance issues.  Likewise, you can look to the future with forecasting tools that create scenarios based on details you provide.
  • Create Full-Featured Catalogs – Set up extensive catalogs with multiple pricing levels from within Microsoft CRM to greatly reduce your cost and speed the process of information distribution.
For example, through customized reports generated by Microsoft CRM, the marketing department at a furniture store quickly identifies a new trend toward buying one piece of living room furniture instead of the entire three-piece ensemble.  They quickly use Microsoft CRM to create a new campaign offering discounted pricing on three-piece ensemble living room sets.  Salespeople are able to react instantly, and the negative sales trend is offset with the new promotion and a higher ROI.

Contact Quantum Logic today for detailed information about how Microsoft CRM can benefit your marketing department.

Automate Lead Generation To Perform According To Your Customized Criteria

Here's one example of how Quantum Logic and Microsoft CRM can improve your lead generation processes.

Your company may have several regional offices throughout the USA.  If your website collects information from visitors, that information can be automatically sent to Microsoft CRM.  A lead would be created and distributed to a salesperson based on criteria you set forth.

Perhaps leads are appropriated by territory or equally divided between salespeople.  However you would like to have leads processed, chances are Quantum Logic and Microsoft CRM can make it happen.

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