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Microsoft CRM: Empowering Sales Professionals

Quantum Logic understands that each organization's sales process is different from the next.  Likewise, each customer differs in how they prefer to communicate, in their perceptions, in their decision-making processes and more.  That's why we have such a high level of respect for Microsoft CRM and the height of customization it offers sales professionals.

Any good sales professional will attest that you must know your target customer before you can close the sale effectively. The more you know, the more you are able to sell.  This is, no doubt, one reason it costs 4 to 5 times less to make repeat sales to existing customers than to obtain new ones.

Microsoft CRM That Meets Your Sales Needs

Microsoft CRM works the way you do. Customization is available on several levels and can meet your sales needs from the simple to the substantial.

With a few quick steps, on-screen field names can be changed, which fields are viewed can be changed, merge contact information with bulk email and more to empower your sales teams increase their effectiveness. We can program and implement coding changes to add entirely new structures and workflow processes specific to your industry and/or organization. 

The combination of Quantum Logic and Microsoft CRM empowers your sales professionals to:

  • gather and store vital information that contributes to a more personalized sales experience
  • understand customer needs and adapt processes to meet those needs
  • work in-house or virtually so there is little to no downtime
  • access complete customer history and profile conveniently to speed the handling of customer requests
  • share information with administrative assistants, customer service or others
  • automate workflow to improve efficiency and customer response times
  • handle leads and orders through customized, automated processes saving time and decreasing response times
  • integrate a product catalog with various pricing levels and full features
  • automate sales follow-up to ensure customer satisfaction with a variety of tools including email, invoices and customer support surveys
  • set up territories or other custom-defined areas for organized recordkeeping
  • track your competitors and stay on top of the latest developments
  • and more.

For example, the salespeople at a chain of office supply stores want to add a new contact record to log customers' preferences for ordering via telephone or online.  With a few simple clicks, the contact record is added and made available to every salesperson within the chain.

Virtually every area of Microsoft CRM is customizable including:

  • Forms and the Field Records on Forms - Customize the vast selection of pre-configured forms included with Microsoft CRM or have Quantum Logic create entirely new forms to suit your sales team's needs.
  • Email Templates - Quickly and easily use standard email templates or create your own.
  • Reports & Quotes - Microsoft CRM can generate reports and quotes that are specific to your industry or organization, instantaneously saving time and helping to close sales more quickly.

Plus, because Microsoft CRM integrates flawlessly with Microsoft Outlook and Internet Explorer, salespeople can make the move with very little learning curves. 

Contact Quantum Logic today for detailed information about how Microsoft CRM can enhance, empower and enrich your sales department.

Automate Your Workflow With Customized Sales Processes Created By Quantum Logic & Microsoft CRM

With innovative "if/then" rules, Quantum Logic can program automated sales processes specifically designed for your organization.  For example:

"If" a purchase is made online "then" an email is automatically sent confirming the order.

"If" the order is over $10,000 "then" a separate order will be sent with shipping and insurance information.

Workflow processes can also be customized and implemented to speed sales closures.

At any given stage of the process (proposal creation, presentation, site survey, etc.), Microsoft CRM can guide procedures that must be completed before progressing to the next stage.

Quantum Logic takes the necessary time to understand your business and the naturally occurring processes within it, so that Microsoft CRM can be effectively configured to enhance your business activities.

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