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Micrsoft CRM: Scheduling, Service & Dispatch

Fulfill Customer Commitments, Centralize Scheduling and Increase Profitability With Built-In Service & Dispatch System

No one lives by the saying, "Time is money" more than service-based businesses. Under-bookings lead to lost revenue. Over-bookings bring about frustration on the parts of employees and customers. Now Microsoft Dynamics CRM offers a solution that "understands" the calendars and schedules of service workers and how to arrange them in the most profitable way.

Through the use of customizable functions within Microsoft CRM, Quantum Logic can gather information from you about the amounts of time and resources required for each service task. That information is then used to equip Microsoft CRM to automate planning for staffing time and materials for each service call or appointment.

According to defined rules set forth by your company, Microsoft CRM schedules service time plus:

  • generates reports so you can track trends and make adjustments as needed
  • reduce wasted resources
  • make more efficient and profitable use of billable time
  • eliminate human error and duplication of efforts
  • and more!
For example, a dentist office often experienced a bottleneck at the receptionist's desk when patients were leaving. A line would form while the receptionist tried to accept payments and insurance information or book appointments. When others would try to help, it usually resulted in over-bookings, which later had to be changed. Microsoft CRM allows the hygienists to make appointments simultaneously with the receptionist (as well as access x-rays and patient notes). As patients wait for the dentist to do a final check after a cleaning, for instance, the hygienist can access the system from a panel in the exam room and schedule the next office visit.

Just as with other elements of Microsoft CRM, the Service Scheduling module integrates with compatible systems giving service staff access to customer histories, customer preferences and more.

Contact Quantum Logic today for detailed information about how Microsoft Dynamics CRM can benefit your service department.

Everything Working Together for Improved Efficiency

After an initial local area network installation by your company, the customer decides they need jacks for additional PCs installed in a new workroom. Your administrative assistant accesses Microsoft CRM's Service Scheduling system and completes a work order.  Microsoft CRM knows the amount of time and materials needed to complete this type of work.  Based on available materials and time of installers, the administrative assistant is immediately shown the next available appointment date and time.

Microsoft CRM produces an order form for any missing materials and blocks the appointment so no one else in the office can double book.

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