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Micrsoft CRM Provides Superior Service and Personalized Attention Without Draining Resources

We're in the age of personal touch.  While almost everyone understands the necessity of automation, it isn't always welcome because of the impersonal feel it can convey.  Customers crave personal attention, and organizations long to deliver it - but at what price? 

Offering one-on-one attention doesn't always mean adding employees or draining resources.  With Microsoft CRM and Quantum Logic, you can personalize many automated tasks to better serve customers and free employees.  You can customize the features of Microsoft CRM so that as much or as little of your customer service processes, as need be, are handled via the system.  While behind-the-scenes routines can be automated, other, more delicate tasks can be routed to employees.  The beauty of Microsoft CRM is that you decide what works best for your department and customers. Then Quantum Logic customizes the system to accommodate your needs.

Faster Service… Greater Capacity… Higher Satisfaction Ratings

When Quantum Logic programs Microsoft CRM to perform according to the workflow rules you outline, you can look forward to:

  • Automating Routine Processes for Faster Service - Email responses, case assignments, customer histories and communications tracking are just a few of the many duties Microsoft CRM can handle to help you provide faster service.
  • Handling a Greater Capacity - When you have the right tools, your people can handle a greater capacity of service requests without falling behind.  Microsoft CRM empowers your people to assign, manage and route issues by easily communicating with other departments, tracking progress and quickly moving toward resolution.
  • Identifying Customer Needs - Review customized reports that outline customer trends, sales histories, service histories and more.  The better you understand your customers, the more quickly you'll be able to identify and respond to their needs.
  • Establishing a Knowledge Base - Publish articles, whitepapers, service bulletins, recall notifications and more to your own, searchable knowledge base.  Customers can quickly obtain the information they need and resolve their own issues.
For example, a customer calls into the customer service center and (via automated menu) chooses to speak with someone about order status.  While on the line with the customer, the rep is able to track the shipment and email documentation to the customer. The customer service agent also pulls the customer's history and finds he prefers to receive shipments via the same company each time. The agent then searches for, and electronically sends, a knowledge base article on how to track packages through the preferred carrier so the customer can have delivery status more quickly in the future.

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Automated or Personal Service?  The Choice Is Yours.

The Customer Service Manager at your organization notices (what she feels is) a trend toward more complaints regarding damaged goods.  Using a Microsoft CRM report that was developed and customized by Quantum Logic, she does some research and discovers she is right.

She shares her findings with the shipping department, and - through a collaborated effort - the problem is corrected, saving your firm a substantial amount of time and money.

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