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Microsoft CRM

Powerful… Flexible… Highly Customizable

Microsoft is a long-standing innovator and when it comes to Customer Relationship Management (CRM) applications has proven again their steadfast dedication to creativity and innovation making Microsoft CRM accessible to organizations of all sizes.

The Microsoft CRM Environment

Each point of contact your customers have with your firm can be an important opportunity to enhance business performance and profit. From receptionists to sales to customer service to field technicians to web sites, customer relations occur via various points of contact. Successful businesses must have the needed tools to maintain effective contact regardless of which communications avenue their clients choose.

Microsoft CRM facilitates dealing with directing customer information and contact between departments, business lines or locations. Microsoft CRM makes it easy for all members of your staff to provide a consistent experience to your customers regardless of location, time or roles.

Easily Increase Results While Decreasing Costs with Microsoft CRM

Microsoft CRM's immense flexibility allows every department of virtually every business type to increase performance while decreasing costs.  Streamline processes and enhance information sharing abilities while reducing security risks and lost productivity. 

  • Microsoft CRM Sales - Shorten closing cycles and increase sales volume with full integration between Microsoft Office and other programs.
  • Microsoft CRM Marketing - Create more effective lead-generation campaigns and marketing programs that reduce acquisition costs.  Increase response rates by capturing, targeting and tracking marketing initiatives from beginning to end. 
  • Microsoft CRM Customer Service - Customer service satisfaction levels rise as customer service representatives are given the tools to shorten the length of call queues, speed responses and decrease resolution times.

Microsoft CRM Integrates With Popular Programs

Full integration between Microsoft Office and other programs means Microsfot CRM is familiar and thus the learning curve is dramatically reduced.  This brings about quicker acceptance by employees, less switching between programs and greatly reduced training expenses.

Employees can access Micrsoft CRM customer information through Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA) in the office or on the road.  Easily transfer information from Microsoft CRM into Excel or Word. 

Innovative Features for Real World Applications

Microsoft CRM integrates into your business life without disruption to your processes and workflow. With the help of Quantum Logic, modifications to customized features such as forms, data fields and processes can be implemented quickly and easily. Automatic task assignment, lead processing and follow-up modules are also available.  Plus, CRM also includes innovative capabilities such as:

  • Mobile access connecting in-the-field employees with an Internet connection to the system operating in both on-line and off-line modes.
  • Quick Campaign wizard that allows marketers and salespeople to send out e-mail blasts to targeted lists and track response.
  • Service scheduling for managing every step of a service request, from logging and dispatching to tracking and follow-up.
  • Flexible collaboration and reporting tools.  Transfer data into Microsoft Excel for analysis or into Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server sharing or collaborating on customer-related documents.


Quantum Logic Corporation can help you customize Microsoft CRM to your business workflow. The addition of custom objects and activities, the design of personalized views for different users and the integration of business logic protocols allow Microsoft CRM to automate repetitive tasks, guide next steps and send e-mails. Nothing falls through the cracks, giving your customers a better experience.

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