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Get Everybody on the Same Page With Microsoft SharePoint

Whether your teams are on opposite sides of the same room or opposite corners of the world, Microsoft SharePoint Team Services makes it possible to keep everybody on the same page.  The same Web page, that is!  With the Web-based features of SharePoint, and the intrinsic knowledge of Quantum Logic Corporation, you can easily create a virtual headquarters where everyone can meet, communicate, share, schedule and more.

Develop Intranet portals, department level sites, team sites or even personal portals.  Because SharePoint is Web-based, it is as easy to use as a Web browser, and it can be accessed from any Internet-enabled computer.  With the aid of Quantum Logic's expert team of programmers, SharePoint can be configured to deliver customized:

  • Web Sites
  • Shared Calendar
  • Instant Surveys
  • Security Control Implementation
  • Instant Messages
  • and more!
  • Discussion Boards
  • Shared Address Book
  • Shared Tasks Schedule
  • Integration with MS Office Programs
  • Search Capabilities


From two people to two thousand, SharePoint gives you the power to collaborate in ways you never thought possible.  And - with interactive organizational tools - the collaborative efforts of your teams aren't wasted.  Instead, they are saved and tracked, so that you're always sure the most recent information is available.

Control Revised Documents and Files

Tired of chasing down the latest version of your privacy policy?  Questioning the reliability of budget figures?  Quantum Logic can show you how to use the revision control features of SharePoint to simplify and stabilize the process of updating information.

Make Document Distribution Quick & Easy

When your collaborative efforts are finished and all revisions are accounted for, you can distribute large quantities of information with just the click of a few buttons.  Easily and reliably deliver documents to others in your business, while saving money on printing, binding and postage.  You also alleviate the frustrations of attempting to email large attachments.

Scalable from a single computer to a complete server farm, SharePoint is the perfect combination of user-friendliness and technical superiority.  With Quantum Logic at your side, you can unlock the full potential of SharePoint via custom scripts, automated processes and more.

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