Quantum Logic Corporation Microsoft SharePoint: Collaboration

SharePoint Keeps Your Collaborative Efforts Organized

Regardless of how many people are involved with a project, Quantum Logic can customize SharePoint's features to enable your team to collaborate in the most organized ways possible.  From two people to two thousand, whether in the same room or different countries, SharePoint allows you to create mutual workspaces and share information fluidly from any location.

Because SharePoint runs on Windows Server 2003 and integrates with Office 2003, project participants get to use software they are familiar with and comfortable with, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and others.

SharePoint's interactive tools empower teams of any size with:

  • Shared Calendars - An efficient way to book meetings and plan deadlines that are compatible with the schedules of everyone involved.                                 
  • Shared Address Book - Keep everyone in the loop with a community address book that provides contact information in a flash.
  • Instant Surveys - Get ideas, generate feedback   and find solutions quickly & easily.
  • Shared Tasks Schedule - Keep joint projects moving forward by ensuring all those involved are aware of deadlines.
  • Instant Messaging - Immediately see who is online and communicate with them instantaneously.
  • Familiar Tools - Because SharePoint integrates with Microsoft Office, team members can operate using tools and programs they are familiar with.
  • And more!

Quantum Logic has the expertise to customize SharePoint's features to meet your specific needs.   This allows you to overcome the problems associated with basic file-sharing programs and move up to an integrated system of full collaboration backed by quality control features, such as revision control and document distribution

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