Quantum Logic Corporation Microsoft SharePoint: Revision Control

Keep Document Revisions Under Control

When multiple employees work on the same project, information has a tendency to get boggled.  This holds true whether the team consists of three or 30 people.  In fact, even when a single employee works on a project that requires input from multiple sources, it can become complicated to keep the revisions straight.  SharePoint offers a variety of features that help with revision control to ensure the most current versions of your documents are always used.

Let us customize SharePoint's features for you, so your team can work flawlessly to deliver accurate information.  SharePoint offers innovations including:

  • Check in and Checkout - Employees can reserve documents for updating purposes.  This guarantees no other staff members are interfering with changes in progress.
  • Document Versions - Each document change is tracked and assigned a version number. With just a glance, you can identify the most recent document.
  • Change Alerts - Receive email notification when an item has been changed.
  • Customized Metadata - Encrypt your documents with notes and/or comments that can help keep all team members on the right track.
  • Viewing Options - Customize what you see in SharePoint for easy viewing by all who contribute to a project.
  • Security Settings - At your discretion, assign security settings that only allow those you want to view sites or documents.
  • And more!

When updating your privacy policy, you might begin by archiving the original on your SharePoint site.  Using the customized metadata option, you include notes within the document to each team member, letting them know what is expected of them during the project.

As team members check documents in and out, they reserve the right to work on the privacy policy exclusively to ensure their changes aren't overwritten.  Each update is given a new version number for easy tracking.  As the revisions are made, you're alerted via email, so you can view the most recent editions of the policy.  Through features customized by Quantum Logic, SharePoint makes even large, group collaborations efficient and productive.

From the time your original document is shared on your SharePoint site until your team has approved and finalized all changes, you can keep revisions under control. 

Contact us today for additional details on how SharePoint can greatly enhance your ability to retain control of collaborative efforts.
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